Saturday, November 12, 2011

what a surprise

i totally get that hearing other people rehash their dreams is the most boring thing ever. i usually start zoning out once someone says "and then this guy i went to kindergarten with, joe hammersmith, you don't know him or whatever, but it was totally him except he looked different and it was SO shocking because, if you knew him, you would know his black afro was his signature and he had NO hair in my dream and i was so surprised and blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

(sarah silverman agrees:
I had a dream that I was in my living room. It wasn't my living room but it was, like, playing my living room in the dream.)

anyway. i had a beautiful dream a few weeks ago and i want to remember it forever. so feel free to zone out and know that i am not offended.

my dad told me that he was napping on the couch a month ago and had a dream that my face was hovering over his and smiling at him. he said he was just on the couch dozing with a big smile thinking about my face and feeling excited that we will see each other in a few months.

well. i cried. obviously. i love my dad so much. i can't wait to hug him too.

then a few nights later, i had this dream:

my dad and i were in a weird tiny kitchen making paella. i have no idea why. (when i told him about this dream, he was like "wtf is paella?" it's a traditional spanish dish of rice, veggies, and seafood, or meat, or a combo.) in our dream kitchen, we could only use an electric kettle to make this dish and i was getting worried. i kept saying that we didn't have the right tools (ie a STOVE and POT among other things) and the paella would be gross and wouldn't be perfect. my dad was telling me to calm down and that we had everything we needed. there were oysters in the recipe (????), and i picked one out of the bag of seafood. when i opened it (i was a trained shucker in the dream), my jaw hit the floor.

there was a giant pearl in the oyster. 

i screamed and showed it to my dad and he said "look underneath!!"

and i lifted up the oyster, and hundreds of tiny seed pearls were pouring all over my hands and down my arms and all over the kitchen floor. i was crying and giggling and my dad was laughing. we were like gleeful little children as we slid all over the pearl-laden floor.

i felt so amazed. i felt so overjoyed. we could not stop laughing.

and that's it. i was so happy when i woke up. i felt so close to my dad. most of all, i felt capable of anything. i felt i can make do with the resources at hand. i felt that being on the road doesn't mean putting everything on hold. no need to press pause just because i am away from home. i can use what i have, and find something amazing.

love you, dad!

{pearl image via here , wedding photo via the amazing hinkley photo)


Carolyn said...

First, your dad is awesome. But reading this reminded me of an It's Always Sunny... quote. "You know what Dee? I don't wanna hear about your dream, OK? I hate listening to people's dreams. It's like flipping through a stack of photographs. If I'm not in any of them, and nobody's having sex, I just... don't care."

I miss you! We will own ChristmasNYCtwothousandeleven!


Lisa A said...

You are the bee's knees,the dickens' chickens, the cat's PJs, the whole ball of wax,Livvy. so glad you are living out loud and that I get to read about it.
xoxo,Lisa A

Liv said...

Hahahaha Carolyn! Love that. Can't wait to own the season!

Thank you, Lisa! All I can say is takes on to know one, ma'am! You're the best.

xoxoxoox to both of you beauties

Chelsea Jo said...

This is so sweet. :)

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