Wednesday, November 9, 2011

bring on the montage

exciting news!

if you have ever spent any amount of time watching television or a movie or reading blogs with me, you know that nothing gets me more psyched/teary than a good old fashioned MAKEOVER.

i love a good before and after. LOVE it. LIVE for them. 

i just want the amount i love makeovers to be really clear.

so i am psyched to announced that very very soon, this little blog of mine will be "pretty woman"-ified by a fabulous little canadian named suzy! she has a super fun blog here and she is doodling away in her cabin in saskatchewan (she doesn't really live in a cabin...i think....but shouldn't everyone in saskatchewan be required to live in a log cabin?).

i am positive a beautiful blog will get me pumped to post more often. is that superficial? don't care. i love aesthetically pleasing and pretty things and i'm not ashamed to admit it.

i love them so much that i cried in the shoe boudoir in harrod's.
(yes, there is a shoe boudoir.)
(yes, i cried actual tears.)
(yes, some of them were for the shoes and some of them were tears of jealousy as i watched a 70 year old woman in a sweatsuit drop 10,000 GBP on shoes. not exaggerating.)
(yes, i was sort of ashamed of myself.)
(sort of.)

on another note, i miss nyc so much. i am going to OWN christmas in nyc.
partly because i can't wait to be home, 
partly because i will be unemployed with too much time on my hands.


suzy said...

haha! "doodling away in her cabin in saskatchewan"--this made me laugh out loud. and then i read it to barclay and he laughed too.
but it's kind of close to the truth...we live in a very cabin-esque house.

Liv said...

sorry for the stereotype but i honestly can't picture anything else! glad you laughed.

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