about me

hi! thanks for checking out Liv Out Loud.  i'm psyched you're here!
i am going to use the fact that you clicked on the "about" page as an excuse to indulge in some super self-centeredness. hope that's cool.
my name:  is olivia (or liv, or livvie, or livvy, or livery, or liverpool, or liverace, or olivialoca, or olaf...whatev).
i'm from:
massachusetts, land of pants with tiny lobsters on them.

i live:  in new york city.
i am: an actor, wife, intenSati leader, sister, improviser, bartender, waitress, diy-er, obsessive blog-reader, procrastinator, haribo gummy candy lover, showtune belter, and vegetarian.
i have: a bfa in musical theatre, 8 holes in my ears, 1 hole in my nose, 1 tattoo on my wrist, a closet full of sparkly dresses, a minimum of 25 products in the shower at any given time, and literally 100s of books.
i love: stephen sondheim, new york city, lowercase letters, green juice, braids, my man, my fam, dogs, jonathan adler, and travel.
this blog: began while on a 4.5 month tour of the united kingdom and covers a wide range of topics (aka is random and a work in progress, peeps).
you are: awesome and gorgeous. yes, you.
thanks for stopping by! i'd love to connect with you- email me and we can be internet besties. 
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