Tuesday, November 22, 2011

date nights

confession: being in the uk is amahzing and all, but dayyyyyum is it expensive. the usd to gbp exchange rate is tragic. because we're trying to save tons of moolah while here so we may lead temporary lives of leisure when we get back home to nyc, we have become cheapskates.

there is no easy way to say it.

oh, we still do tons of fun stuff like see the new musical matilda in the west end (fabulous and magical):

and dress up in harrods:

but more often than not, on our nights off, we have a hobo date.

yes, a hobo date.

what is a hobo date, you ask?

a hobo date is when we buy beer or hard cider and gross snacks from the newsagent on the corner, and then we rent a movie on itunes (this requires preparation as it always takes 10000 hours to download). then we sprawl out in our hotel room and eat things like prawn cocktail flavored pringles (yes, for real) while watching a movie on our laptop.


sorry for the terrible photo...RIP stolen iPhone. i miss you every day.

also, rich thinks it's important i mention we got discounted tickets for matilda by flashing our student IDs....you know....the ones from our first day of college....in 2004. 
we just don't look anyone in the eye.

and now a huge bag of haribo gummy candy + melancholia (you know, a delightful film about the apocalypse) are calling my name.

night night lovelies!


Cassie said...

try the salt and balsamic vinegar kettle crisps. they're my fav. i literally still have a bag stashed in my bedroom for a day when i'm feeling depressed

Jackie O. said...

Your blog makes me laugh! You guys rock and I love the hobo date nights! We need to do that!

Liv said...

oh cassie, deeeeeelicious.

thank you jackie! you are the best! and for real....hobo dates are the shiz.

Abby said...

hahaha I love this! I may have to steal the term. Don't worry, I'll give you credit. ;)

Tori said...

Absolutely love this. I have hobo dates all the time, I've just never called them that! haha, love it. I would die to see Matilda. <3

Liv said...

yes, abby! my contribution to blogging lexicon.

tori, your dates are now classier because they are HOBO dates....anything with a title is less tacky.

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