Wednesday, November 2, 2011

soho you di'int!

you're welcome for the post title.

we had some more time off in london and spent a few hours wandering around soho.
it's like nyc's soho in many ways, and therefore we loved it/were homesick.
i'm learning how much blogging influences your day (mostly a fanatical need to document everything with photos), so i tried to not be staring at my phone all night.

can i sew? 
sort of.
did this shop fill my head with visions of making all of our clothing a la maria von trapp?

do i like pastry and sugar that i know is called demerara here but i call chunky brown sugar?

and that's it. that's all that's in soho.
sewing supply shops and patisseries.

they should call it sew-ho.

i've clearly been spending too much time with rich. 

(more more more more london coming up!)

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