Sunday, November 20, 2011

bang bang

that's the sound of the week starting! are you ready?!

i've been a total idea maniac lately, meaning the hundreds of crazy ideas running through my head keep me up at night.

sometimes they're practical, like post ideas, and sometimes they're a fantasy in which i become a nurse midwife and move to africa to save the children and become the angelina jolie of medicine and am the subject of an oscar-winning biopic in which i play myself and win my own oscar.

anyway, here's one of my 2 am ideas:

change your online passwords to affirmations, empowering words or goals. for example, change them from "password1234" and "ilovepinkberry" to "icandoanything1234" or "itisallworkingout5678" or "broadwayorbust" or "ryangoslingwillbemine." 

change all of your account settings so that you have to manually type in the password every single time (this is super hard for me...i love being already logged in). however, it literally takes 2 seconds to type in a password and wait for the site to load. let those 2 seconds be a teeny tiny moment of meditation as you focus on the affirmation and consciously take one deep breath. no need to light a scented candle and put on a meditation cd to get the benefits of conscious thought.

plus, think about how many times you mindlessly log onto a site just to check it (facebook, i'm talkin' to you). i guarantee that if you have to stop and type in your username and password, you will be less likely to just quickly check your newsfeed  waste time!

just try it, my friends! let me know how it goes and if you notice any changes in mood or productivity.

ps: none of the suggested passwords are my actual passwords for anything, so back off identity thieves.

pps: although i do believe in them all, especially the last one. don't tell rich.

ppps: actually, i think that might legitimately be his password. he's got a mancrush. i'm ok with it:

now go get that week!

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Anonymous said...

Love the new look! Thank you for the affirmations reminder- it's the little messages that makes my day.

Miss you!

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