Monday, November 28, 2011

26th Birthday

(hi new friends visiting from suzy krause! thanks for hopping over- i hope you stay! isn't her design genius?!)

i was born on thanksgiving day, 1985, in an emergency c-section. the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck, i couldn't breathe, and i was literally the color of an eggplant when i was born.

today, 26 years later, i'm in london with my husband on the last day of our 4.5 month uk tour. wow!
i'm thankful for lots of things on my birthday, and especially grateful that the last year has looked like this:

25th birthday with my beautiful fam the day we got back from paris / 25th birthday with beautiful friends at home in nyc / christmas in our apt

(key west / funniest photo of the year / grand cayman / on board the disney magic / with minnie in castaway cay in the bahamas / market in cozumel, mexico / disneyworld!

fam & friends in maine & massachusetts for the 4th of july/our second anniversary

stonehenge / edinburgh festival fringe / greek islands x 3 / athens

london / celebrating at bohemia on the island of jersey off the coast of france

i am so grateful to have been in all these places this year (9 countries, 7+ states), and even more so to have been  in them with so many wonderful people.

now off to wander london for the last time before our final show in dunstable tonight.
tomorrow, we are going home.

27, i am coming for you. watch your back, son!


suzy said...

happy birthday liv!!!! :D

Alice said...

Happy birthday! Such wonderful photos, I especially love the shadow figures :-)

Liv said...

thank you suzy!
thanks alice- i thought i was sooooo clever haha!

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