Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Very. Important. Things.
I NEED to have the following items with me at all times.
There are other items I feel I can't live without,
like q tips (ohhhhhh, q tips),
but these are my non-negotiable, on-my-person, i-am-in-a-bad-mood-without-them necessities:
Not having sunglasses can essentially ruin my day. Dramatic? Yes. True? Basically.
Only Burt's Bees, only the original, only in the tube. I have loved Burt's Bees since it was only available in specialty shops and it only came in a tin. I've messed around with the honey and pomegranate and mango flavors, but they are all harlots who tried to get me to abandon my one true chapstick love.

I feel like everyone has one pet peeve that is universal but they are certain it affects them more than anyone else. Mine is hangnails. I. Cannot. Handle. Them. And I feel like I have them constantly. If I don't have a nail clipper, I have to buy one. Immediately. 

What prompted this post?

A day without the above items.

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