Thursday, October 27, 2011

sleep tight

we have stayed in a premier inn every night for the last 6 weeks. they are nothing swanky, but they are always clean and since every room looks the same, it does help us feel less like homeless people wandering from place to place. the other major bonus is that all of the beds and mattresses are the same, and they are insanely comfortable. like, comfortable enough that we looked into buying a bed and mattress and shipping it to the states. apparently, the Queen sleeps on one of these bad boys. i want to stay in it all day long, and i am not really a stay-in-bed-all-day kind of person. 

(i prefer the couch + an intervention marathon.)

we bought a new bed frame in the spring, but left our craptastic tiny mattress on it because we knew we were leaving and didn't want to spend the cash. now, these mattresses (hypnos, btw), plus some time lounging around on the tempurpedic beds in harrods (yes, literal lounging around...we were trying to only spend imaginary money), have got me thinking about mattress buying.

i've come to the conclusion that the world of mattresses is way too big and stressful and i want an organic mattress but they $2873682.00 and maybe i am brainwashed into buying everything organic and can't someone just tell me which one will be the comfiest for someone who sleeps on her stomach in a position not unlike a symbol most associated with a german political party during wwii?

then i came to another conclusion:
i will sleep on rocks as long as they are piled up on this bed:
this is the jonathan adler woodhouse bed and it is my dream.
not my dream bed. dream.

i wouldn't even need a mattress with this bed. 
i will happily sleep on the floor, knowing that headboard is above me.

oh and by the way....
my birthday is november 28th.
just in case, you know?

xo liv

(dream bed image via here)

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