Friday, October 7, 2011


In mid-September, we spent the afternoon in Brighton 
(should have been an entire day before the show that evening but we missed the first train because I was 
working out I mean reading Proust I mean saving children I mean  
putting my hair in milkmaid braids. 

It was the greatest place ever. We were so, so, so mad we didn't have more time there 
(Rich was very nice to me even though it was my fault). 
In just a few hours, we ate some incredible food at a farmers' market, tried on and purchased 
a vintage turban (why not?), saw the royal pavilion, 
and enjoyed the crazy little shops. 
sidenote: i am almost always disappointed when someone touts the "amazing shopping" in any location. i just don't understand what that means. maybe it's because i live in nyc and am spoiled for choice (you can buy customized bubblegum- fo' real), but 99% of the time, people say "oh just wait til you get to blankity blank- the shopping is ahhhhhhhhmazing" and then it's either zara and h & m and a weird place i keep seeing called the chocolate hotel or junk you can buy on the street in union square. do not get me wrong: i love me some zara and junky trinkets but that is not exciting. brighton is one of the only places i have ever been in which the shopping actually was seriously fun and unique. yes!

tomatoes are so pretty, but so gross to my tastebuds.

bread: both pretty & delicious.

this was ridiculously good. it was like lavender/raspberry/lemon vegan goodness.

the royal pavilion simultaneously reminds me of:

james and the giant peach
sweeney todd
the taj mahal.

weird, huh?

one of the tastiest things we've ever had to eat, with the most inspirational menu!

my new sweet friends from the market.

how british can you get?

and last but not least. the infamous turban (in front of the london eye):

how could i resist?

I would love to visit Brighton in the summer on a beautiful day when the beach is hopping and 
dotted with colorful umbrellas and have a farmers' market picnic on the grounds of the royal pavilion. 
Next time!

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