Friday, September 23, 2011

livving out loud

hi friends and fam,
i am not really sure what to say to start-
so i will state the obvious:
welcome to my blog.

for years, i have loved this quote:
if you ask me what i came into this life to do, i, an artist, will tell you:
i came to live out loud.
-emile zola

so this blog is me, olivia, liv, living out loud. 

i have toyed with the idea of starting a blog for a long time, 
and it seems like now is the time.

also, my editor (read: rich) gave me a tight deadline 
and in typical olivia fashion, it's up in 40 minutes. 
so i'm writing in a hotel in chesterfield, england.

i am not a huge hemingway fan, but i am a huge fan of these words of his:
all you have to do is write one true sentence.

so, here goes. all my true sentences. and maybe even some fiction.
books, intenSati, acting, marriage, friends, family, fashion, comedy, music, film, interior design, shall all be here at some point.

capital letters probably won't be here very often. 

please ignore the ugly template for now- i am surprisingly super tech savvy 
when i get going, so it will be beautiful soon, 
but the important thing today was to get anything at all up.

so this is it. my awkward first time post.
good news is that i never have to hit "publish" for the first time again.

coming up soon:
places i've (we've) been
where we are now
pics galore
why i love intenSati
beautiful music
magical books
and most of all:

an explanation of the UK vs Great Britain, 
British vs English etc etc etc.

because i know you don't get it either.

we will kick off with brighton, where we spent a magical day 
(cut short by the fact that i made us miss the first train...
i was trying to put my hair in some crazy milkmaid braids 
and then bought a turban in brighton anyway so it didn't matter).

(oh yes....a turban)

get ready for it!

sneak peek:

love, liv xx (one for each cheek...trรจs european)


Beth said...

Sweet--I am so in first place.

brittany said...

Yessss! I can't wait to read all your posts!!! A blog is so perfect for you!! I was thinking of starting one but alas, procrastination gets the best of me! Good for you Liv!!! <3

Liv said...

beth for the win!

thanks brit! procrastination is my middle name. and now that i started i'm like " i write things. hmmm." but must start someplace.

you have a lot on your plate nowadays, bride-to-be! a blog can wait.


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