Monday, September 26, 2011

back to school

class is in session, my friends! i hope you have your TI-83 calculators and 5 star single subject notebooks.

(seriously, though....people who can actually use a TI-83 calculator in the way it's intended boggle my mind. i could never ever ever get the hang of it. the only thing i could do was store formulas in the notes section so i could cheat on tests and play space invaders...usually during the test because math beyond the basics is not something my mind can grasp. i had a testing method of answering the problems i could solve, then leaving the rest blank and playing space invaders until the last few minutes in which i would just write some numbers and letters in and hope for the best. anyway.)

one of the things that confused me most when we moved here was the difference between all of the terms you hear tossed around to describe the countries and people of these islands. i was like "who is british? who is english? are they the same? are we in the UK or great britain? what is the deal with ireland? how long will it take to meet prince harry and make him fall in love with me and have a polygamous marriage with rich and me?"

and other such important questions.

as explained to me by the other puppeteer, fitchy, and without getting political or too in-depth, here are the absolute simplest definitions* and a map to help you visualize:

Great Britain is England, Scotland, and Wales.  

the United Kingdom is technically the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, a sovereign state comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

the Republic of Ireland is its own country.

residents of Great Britain can identify themselves as British, or as English, Scottish, or Welsh. it's a matter of personal preference as to how one refers to oneself. for example, fitchy is very proud of the United Kingdom, and refers to himself as british first, then english.

therefore, we are technically touring Great Britain as we are not going into Northern Ireland (boo!), but calling it a UK tour is perfectly acceptable.

and in case you've forgotten what a union jack flag looks like, ginger spice is here to jog your memory:

and that's that. now i am going to the cinema on a rare night off (yes! plus two nights in the same hotel! utter luxury!) with a brit, a scotsman, an aussie, and an american. the best part of the night is definitely going to be the inevitable moment (usually after a few beers) when we all start trying to talk like each other. trust me, it's pathetic and offensive and hilarious all at once.


xoxo, liv

*disclaimer: if i effed up any of the definitions and offended any brits, i am very sorry. 
i am punished enough by the horrible exchange rate. please forgive me.

colored pencils image via here
uk map via here
ginger spice image via here


Abby said...

This is great, Olivia!
Also, I've never understood the difference between Great Britain, England, and the UK. I thought they were interchangeable. :)

Liv said...

Thanks, Ab! I felt so uninformed too. I'm glad you're reading =).

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