Thursday, December 8, 2011


how can i concentrate on this:

when these are calling my name?

my name is olivia and i am addicted to magazines. 
these are only half of the pile that began in july.
why do i need to read an article in entertainment weekly about "the stars' worst movies"?
i don't know.
i. just. do.


Laura @ Joyful Shimmy said...

I am addicted to magazines too... I have a tons! Which I tend to save for the day I will have a vision board party... lmao

Beth said...

I am distracted from your addiction by that sweet art deco dresser.

Liv said...

Nice, Laura!

Ah, Beth! It is so amazing. And the horrible truth is this: it had an amazing matching bed but the frame was falling apart and we literally slept on a mattress on a 45 degree tilt for months. Then we couldn't handle it anymore and were so sleep deprived we couldn't even think about fixing it ourselves, so we gave it away.

I am still dealing with my emotions surrounding that choice.

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