Friday, December 9, 2011

sweet nothings

(in bed, post tgi-fridays dinner)
rich: ew, olivia, get away from me. do not touch me for even one second. i just want to sleep.
olivia: ew, oh my god, you smell like sizzling onions.
olivia: if i met ryan gosling and he wanted to be with me, would that be ok with you?
rich: must.
5 minutes later
rich: you know...i really think i am ryan gosling's biggest fan.
olivia: are you seriously looking at page after page of google images of him?
olivia: rich, can you please join the rest of us in this hilarious game we are playing called "friends hanging out together"?
rich: hang on please- i am live chatting with a j. crew customer service representative.
rich: olivia, please put down that magazine and help me decorate our christmas tree.
olivia: ok, one sec please.
5 minutes later
rich: liv, come on.
olivia: mmmmm yessssss i will beeeee riiiiiight.....oh wow reunion photos of the cast of the princess bride!!! just a sec.
5 minutes later
olivia: oh my god!!! you decorated the tree without me?!?!?!
rich: olivia, this tree is 18" high. if it makes you feel better, we can spend the next 3 minutes taking the ornaments off and putting them back on.
true love, my friends, true love.

{photo by the amazing tye jakobs}

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Anonymous said...

Hey Liv! Your long lost friend Gillian here :) I am LOVING "Liv Out Loud." Guess what? I have a blog too -- although I am much to shy to post on on facebook. It's called The Greener Bean and I try to write about healthy living although really it's turned into bits of everything.

Anyways... surprise: I've just awarded you with "The Most Versatile Blogger Award!" I totally don't expect you to participate if it's not your thing... but I just wanted to give you a shout out and "reveal" my blogger self to you.

PS -- Let's hang out some time :)

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